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Scrappy days ahead!

Feature Friday: the Lucky Winners!

Hellllooooooo, you lovely people who are letting me do my crafty thing for you and therefore inspiring me!  (And remember, I hope you do, too – that’s sort of the … Continue reading

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Feature Friday: With Our Powers Combined and the 2013 Shared Build

Hello again, my lovely people!  What have you been doing? Me?  Oh, I’ve traveled, been ill, cleaned for the holidays, got a new sister (nearly, the brother gets married in … Continue reading

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Feature Friday: Cold Relief

I know, I know, this does not help a BIT in the scrapbooking department.  But sometimes the best way to take care of a project is to take care of … Continue reading

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Wishing Wednesday: Foray Porous Point Pens

Oh my gosh, these are drool worthy. So, I was scouting the pen and paper departments at my local Office Depot, like ya do, and found one of those attention … Continue reading

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Scheduling change:

I have, fortunately for me/unfortunately for this blog, a full-time job.  Furthermore, it’s a full-time job I love.  This blog is a secondary part of a secondary job.  That means … Continue reading

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Merry Monday: Thank you, AGAHF artist and community!

Remember this post?  It was my first Feature Friday. The best news is that the artist I so lovingly made the cards for LIKED them. She, being a wonderful person, … Continue reading

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Wishing Wednesday: Slice™ Cutters

And for this week, a product I already have but would gladly take ten more: Slice™ Precision Cutter. Isn’t it delicious?  This is a ceramic blade cutter.  I find that … Continue reading

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