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Wishing Wednesday: Foray Porous Point Pens

Oh my gosh, these are drool worthy.

So, I was scouting the pen and paper departments at my local Office Depot, like ya do, and found one of those attention sucking displays that have pens artfully spread on a table with a pad of paper, wantonly begging to be tested, used, and bought.  (Yes, I happen to like pens.  Shush.)

This was the result of the testing:

I went home with a twelve pen pack of the fine point (.5 mm, for those of you wondering there is .7mm) set.  The wonderful thing about these pens is their tip is constructed much like our favorite permanent marker brand’s fine point.  My favorite difference: NO BLEED THROUGH!!!  (Caveat: I was using a paper of normal thickness and paper from a paper pack to test this–the thinner papers will likely have bleed through, as happens with marker-esque pens.)  The fabric tips are made with an “anti-fray” material, so it’s harder to squish your delicate tip.  Also: fade resistant.  Perfect scrapbooking marker-pen.

When I was testing at the store, I did some basic line shading and was pleasantly surprised with the sensitivity of the pen when it came to line size while still maintaining the vibrancy of color.

Color break down:

  • RED is definitely an orange red, which is plenty fine for me, but most people prefer blue-based reds.  Consider yourselves warned.
  • ORANGE is one of those rare oranges that actually lives up to its name, it isn’t a marigold masquerading as orange and it also isn’t a vermilion (which is one of my favorite colors, so please don’t think I’m bashing the perfect sunset orange) pretending to be its less than red-headed step-sister.
  • YELLOW is closest to a sunflower sort of yellow.  While it isn’t a true yellow, I appreciate the nod to the customers–we are using this to write.  Bonus: it doesn’t look like a dirty true yellow.  Just a beautiful sunflower yellow, which is an even better nod to the customers.  They tried to make the ink pretty.
  • GREEN is, well, green.  I went through EVERY shade of green listed on Wikipedia (a mind-blowing amount) and not a single one matched well enough.  I sat there going, “too bright, too yellow, too blue, hmmmmmm, wait still WRONG” before I gave up.  It’s vibrant and definitely just a bit more blue than yellow.  It’s closest cousins on the Wikipedia page would be Dartmouth and Bottle Green (which, by the way, is NOT bottle green–I have a beautiful 50 year old liquor bottle that is the REAL bottle green).  Honestly, I wish this green had made a more definitive decision about what it wanted to be.
  • TURQUOISE does not live up to its name.  It’s definitely got that little kick of green in it, but it’s a far cry from turquoise.  I suspect this was the company trying to avoid mind-searing colors, as turquoise can be a bit . . . over-powering.  That being said, they ended up with the first sky blue that I can say I would LOVE to use.  Sky blue and I have long had an on-off relationship, usually because it just looks dirty to me.  This one is clean and clear and the perfect spring sky blue, before summer and it’s cartoony, too-vivid colors come along.
  •  BLUE is a traditional dark blue.  Nothing fancy, but very legal-esque and a beautiful contribution to the darker colors.  No complaints here.
  • PURPLE is a nice violet.  I’m not usually one for the not-too-dark-not-too-light purples, but it’s a smart choice considering the rest of their colors.  A deep purple or lilac would have been a mistake.
  • PINK is close to the color of a blooming cherry blossom.  It’s not so pale it is hard to read (which is the pink of the falling petals), nor is it too dark (like the blossom buds).  I don’t like pink, personally, but this is tolerable.
  • MAGENTA is EXACTLY what it’s purported to be, just the right balance between red, pink, and mind-searing.  I would never use this to write a card or letter (because 1 – I don’t like pink and 2 – it’s still the brightest of the colors in this set), but it’s going to be one of my favorite “colors that add the WHEEEEEEE element” (one of my favorite artists loved red, so much so that she once said in an interview “Add red and WHEEEEEE!”).
  • BROWN.  Oh, this brown.  This was the ONLY, but massive, FAIL in the pack.  The first ten times I wrote with it, I was convinced it was maroon.  I’m still not sure it’s brown.  This brown has WAY TOO MUCH purple in it and I doubt I’ll use it as a proper brown ever.  I’ll use it for fall colors where I have a real brown and a golden brown and this is a nice complement to those, but rarely outside that situation.  I like WARM browns.  This is a cool and uninspiring brown.  Thppp.
  • GRAY is beautiful and cool.  If there’s a gray I detest, it’s those brownish-yellow monstrosity grays.  It’s also a medium gray.  I love that readability as well as color seemed to be of the highest concern in this set.
  • BLACK.  You would be surprised how disappointing black can be.  Thankfully, this one has a really velvety feel to its depth.

Enjoy your writing!


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